Pioneer Junior Academy

Christian Education for Grades 1-8


"I am happy to have found PJA this year! With all the craziness of schools only being open some days and not others, PJA is open 5 days a week. My 3rd grader is happy to have a small class size and lots of one on one attention. She has been really excited about leaning cursive even if it’s hard. She wants to stay even when schools open back up."

A happy mom and happy child in the 3rd grade!!

“I love PJA…
My name is Emily and I’m in 6th grade. This is my 2nd year attending PJA. I have learned a lot. I’ve learned social skills, more about the Bible and Jesus, and have enjoyed all my subjects. Pretty much all my friends are here. Because it’s a small school the teachers really take time to get to know and help me. I learn lots daily and have gotten above average grades because of the quality textbooks. I know God loves this school Help us grow by considering sending your children to our school.”

Emily (student)


“We love PJA because of the small, more personal relationships we have with the teachers. They encourage the whole family to be involved in the students’ learning. We love how everything is taught in a way to always include the principles of being a Christian. The students are taught to be team players and look for ways to encourage and build up their fellow students. Our kids love the school and have grown both spiritually and academically since starting here.”

Sean and Melissa Hardy (parents)

“Hello, my name is Lizzie. I am in fourth grade. I have been at PJA for two years. PJA is better than my other school because we do bible and there are more people I know here. I pretty much know everyone at school. But, I would be happy if more kids came. I love [my teacher] Mrs. Pimentel.... Everything here helps to give us a good education while learning to be a good Christian. That is why I love PJA.”

Lizzie (student)

“What we like about PJA…
– The small school setting allows for one-on-one.
– The Christ-centered teaching.
– A loving environment while staying firm in both academics and the way students conduct themselves.
– Our son enjoys going to PJA.”

Jacob and Hannah



“We homeschooled our children for many years. So when I considered other options, I wanted to have the same qualities and benefits I had created at home.
1- values and Christian environment,
2- close family community,
3- Christian friends to share the same values and ideas,
4- Christian character building,
5- like-minded teachers to inspire, spiritually, physically, and intellectually.
I feel that I have found all these things and more at PJA! Thank you Mrs. P!”

Art & Judy Miller (parents)

Hello, my name is Cabot. I am in 5th grade and I am 10 years old. I like PJA because I go to school with my friends. Reading is my favorite subject in school. My [teacher, Mrs. Pimentel is] very nice. We have fun at P.E. and recess by playing ping-pong, dodgeball, and 4 square. We may be a small school, but we can make up for it in character.

Cabot (student)


"As parents, we have been blessed to be able to enroll several of our children at Pioneer Jr. Academy. In these times we are in, it is especially comforting that one is able to educate ones children in an atmosphere where Christ is honored and glorified. Children are challenged academically, socially as well as spiritually. With a special emphasis on serving, PJA students share their talents through music at area churches. This has helped many of the younger students overcome the very real fear of leading out in front of a congregation. Through this effort, it helps the students of today, become well grounded, confident adults tomorrow."

Sven and Donna Rhodes