Pioneer Junior Academy

Christian Education for Grades 1-8

About Our School

About Pioneer Junior Academy

Pioneer Junior Academy — Where the Bible is lived and the people are loved.

Pioneer Junior Academy provides students an academically challenging,  deeply Christ-centered education.  We desire to present the love of God in such an attractive way that children will choose to have a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus their Savior. 

We have been serving the southwestern NH and southeastern VT communities since 1959. We provide classes for elementary and middle school grades. We strongly believe in nurturing a strong academic and spiritual community. It is our aim to educate the whole child – academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Our motto is to “Educate for now and for eternity.”

Pioneer Junior Academy gives students grades 1 through 8 an exceptional education by providing daily preview and review for each student in our multigrade classroom. Feel free to email or call me at (603) 399-4803 to talk or schedule a school tour/virtual tour.


Our close-knit community, loving and patient teacher, and parent volunteers make all the difference. Our students are nurtured and cared for individually.

 If you are a homeschooling family looking to transition your child/children into a classroom environment we believe that we are able to provide the very personal and nurturing environment that you are looking for.

Class sizes are small enough for individual attention. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10 or lower with the assistance of parent volunteers. With both individualized and group instruction students are well prepared for the next level of education. The curriculum is challenging with an emphasis in both academics and hands-on learning.


Students’ faith in Jesus is reinforced daily through Bible study, prayer, singing, character development, and outreach as opportunities arise. The gospel is not only taught but lived out by the teacher, volunteers, and students. The teacher cares deeply for every student and goes above and beyond to help each one succeed.

At Pioneer Junior Academy each child is able to learn and gain independence in a safe and nurturing environment where Christ is at the center of all we do.


Not only is Pioneer Junior Academy amazing, but it is also highly affordable with our new options and family rates. We offer reasonable tuition rates, family discounts, and payment options.

  • Application Fee for new students: $50
  • Registration Fee: $700 (Included in tuition fee)
  • Yearly Tuition: $3500

Pioneer Junior Academy welcomes families of any faith, race, color, national or ethnic origin. Please note: We do not currently have programs for students with outstanding special educational or physical needs. Students with learning differences are accepted on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your interest in Pioneer Junior Academy!


We seek to provide our students with a rich academic and extra-curricular experience through education that takes place both in and out of the classroom. We have New Hampshire State Department of Education approval to operate as a nonpublic school and are accredited by the following institutions:

  • North American Division Commission on Accreditation
  • Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • National Council for Private School Accreditation


We understand that choosing the right school for your child/children is a very important decision. What makes Pioneer Junior Academy appealing is our family style, individualized, small school, Christian atmosphere.

Our head teacher is committed to keeping a close pulse on each individual’s academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. Our program nurtures both academic and emotional intelligence. A well balanced education for each individual is our priority. Our aim is to provide a variety of learning experiences that enable individuals to learn according to their strengths.

Throughout the day we nurture practical daily living of Christian values within a loving and supportive environment. If this is what you are looking for we would invite you to schedule a visit to our school to learn all you need to know in order to make the best choice for your child/children. We look forward to meeting you!

Call  603-399-4803 to schedule your visit.